Wasps Control in Sydney

Wasp is an insect and it’s doesn’t fall in to bee or ant category however wasps belong to the same order to bee and ant. Wasp are not nuisance until their nest are closed to the human house or social area. Wasps are black and yellow in colour and they do not produce honey. Wasps can be unpleasant and stings. However, some wasps are not dangerous and doesn’t sting. They use their alarm pheromone to alert their group when they detect insecurity near the nest. Wasps are predators and are aggressive especially when they are threatened. It is essential not to disturb nest if you want to get rid of them from your property.

There are various types of prevention methods to use from wasps. Such as using wasps traps. These traps are non-toxic and harmless for humans. The other way of controlling wasps is pesticides method and only recommended to use by an expert since the chemical are toxic and can be harmful. The qualified technicians use their ppe and their experience when handling such chemicals.

Wasps Control in Sydney

Types of Wasps

There are several types of wasps such as the bald-faced hornet, yellowjacket, European and English wasp, paper wasps which are commonly found in Australia. There are other types of wasps such as  Braconids, Ichneumondids and Pteromalids, Eulopids and Tiphiids which are favourable for the environment.

There are various methods to control wasp-like sealing wasps entry points, removing food sources, wasp traps etc. It is highly essential to call pest controller to solve the wasps’ problems.

Note: when stung by wasps use fresh water to wash away the venom and apply anti-sting product or antihistamine cream. This will help to heal the wound and spread of the venom into the body. Seek medical treatment when notice any allergic reactions.

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