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We know that property has never been an easy thing to achieve. It has always been our dream objective. Therefore, it is essential to protect our homes and or, business from termite attack. Termite can be seen anywhere into your property if there is infestation into the premise and or nearby. They could be seen on walls, floor, roof, trees, stumps etc. If you have noticed such sign that means your house is termite infested. Therefore, termite damage or infestation is not something to take ease on.

Vanish pest solution can save your thousands of dollars by treating termite into your place. We use our various methods to detect and treat termite and the result is 100% satisfaction.

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Types of Termites

There are hundreds of different species of termites found in Australia however only a few species cause problems. Subterranean termites are one of the biggest problem and a threat in Australian homes. These termites are especially found in the underground area and mostly in moist places above the surface of the ground. There could be up to 2 million of these types of termite population.

Some commonly found termites are:
1. Schedorhinotermes inteermedius
2. Coptotermes acinaciformis
3. Coptotermes frenchi
4. Nasutitermes exitiosus
5. Coptotermes lacteus
6. Nasutitermes walkeri
7. Heterotermes ferox
8. Mastotermes darwiniensis
9. Drywood termites
10. Dampwood termites

Above all termites include the king, queen, soldiers and workers.

The termite attack can only cause minor irritation and do not spread the disease to humans.

A. The King

Both the queen and the king termites line in a central chamber and live on the side together with a queen to reproduce and establish the colony. They are dark brown coloured.

B. The Queen

The queen termites produce more than 2000 eggs per day and live over 25 years. Their body is larger than other termites. Queen termite are settled in on the place and protected by soldier termite inside the colony.

C. Soldiers

The soldiers have and orange-brownish coloured appearance with armoured head mandibles to protect colony against any threat. Therefore, they battle against insects to protect the queen. These termites are dependent with worker group.

D. Workers

Worker termites play an important role to establish and enlarge colony. Their other main duty is to go and hunt food sources (timbers) and feed colony members. Therefore, they are the main attackers damaging properties. Their length varies but are generally 3mm to 4mm long. They do not have wings and work 24 hours. They have the creamy white colour body.

E. Alates ( Swimmers)

They have wings and are reproductive. They are usually seen on the hot humid weather. These species of termite search their own friends to turn themselves into king and queen to establish the fresh colony.

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