Spider Control in Sydney

Spiders belong to the category of kingdom Animalia, phylum Arthropoda, class Arachnida and order Araneae. There are about 40,000 species of spiders around the world in which about 10,000 species are most venomous and are found in Australia. Australia has most dangerous spiders in the world which have caused first death in 1981 recorded in 2016. The venomous eight-legged are the deadliest of all. Spiders fluid contains chemicals which can be harmful to us.

Spider Control in Sydney

Spiders are less dangerous than bees. The numbers of deaths are more from the allergic reaction to bees.

1. Sydney Funnel Web

Sydney funnel web spider is the deadliest spider in Australian and all over the world. These species carry a tough toxic venom and are mostly found in the bush as well as in a crowded area. They are about 35mm long in females and about 25mm in males. Funnel-web is known to be aggressive when disturbed or threatened. Their venom can attack human nervous system amend functioning of all organs. The male spiders can be fatal to humans. The ant venom was invented in 1981 and there have been no any fatalities recorded since then. The female species lay up to 100 eggs. There are about 35-40 species of funnel web in Australia.

Sydney Funnel Control in Sydney

2. Trapdoor Spider

They are brown in colour. Female are larger than male trapdoor. Their length is about 3cm long. Males are tend to be more aggressive than females especially when threatened. However, they can only cause minor irritation to humans and are not to prone serious injury. Trapdoor have life span of about 20 years.

Trapdoor Spider Control in Sydney

3. Redback Spider

Redbacks are common and widest range of species found all over Australia. These species mostly sheltered behind walls, holes, corners, sheds, fences gaps etc. Their poisonous venom can cause severe problems to humans by inverse functioning.  Antivenom invented in 1950 and there has been no any serious injury or deaths recorded since then. The female redback can lay up to 250 eggs in each cycle. Female redbacks have powerful immunity to hold sperm for up to 2 years. The average lifespan of a female is 3 years whereas male lives up to 7-8 months.

Since red-back are commonly found in Australian homes thus, it is essential to know first aid preventative measures. Call emergency services quickly when required.

Redback spider Control in Sydney

4. White-tailed spider

They are named white-tailed due to white body tips at the abdomen corner. They have a body size from 12m and  18mm in males and females respectively. They can be found in gardens, rocks, folded clothes, beneath tables and wheels. They do not build webs and prefer other spiders as their favourite prey. When bitten by these spiders can cause nausea, irritation, swelling, itchiness, vomiting, or a headache. Seek medical advice immediately if above symptoms occur due to biting.

Consult pest technician for advice and treatment to clear up these bugs from your house or garden.

White- tailed spider control in Sydney

5. Funnel Web Spider

They construct web into funnel-like shape, therefore, are known to funnel web spider. Their size is up to 5 cm long. Funnel-web borrows are build up in the cool and moist area. They are usually found in rocks, lawns, trees, subfloor, dark corner spaces, bricks etc. Funnel-web is radish brown and grey in colour with hairy body parts. The commonly found funnel-web has a long-tailed structure at the back side of the body. They normally use their body structure to build up webs to spin. Their bites are not dangerous however normal irritation or allergy may occur sometime.

Funnel web spider control in Sydney

6. Daddy longlegs

Due to short fangs, they are not venomous neither produce silk webs. They have eight long legs cylindrical body and are light creamy-brown coloured. The sensors in their legs detect threats near them. The male does not leave until the eggs are hatched and matured. These species use other insects as prey as well as eat other daddy long legs spiders as their diet.

Daddy longlegs control in Sydney

7. Wolf spider

They are usually dark brown in colour and have some hair on body parts. The length is about 30mm-35mm. They sheltered along walls, firewood, stones, timber debris, leaves and landscaping timbers. They rest during the day and pray at night. Wolf spider eat tiny lizards, crickets and most of the tiny flying insects.

Wolf Spider Control in Sydney

8. Huntsman spider

They are usually in different colours such a dark brown and black. They have eight hairy legs. There are about 90-100 species of huntsman in Australia. The female lays about 200 eggs. The average lifespan is up to 2 years. Male length about 15mm and female about 20mm in size. They are usually sheltered in wood, stored timbers, trunks and walls. They are not capable to build webs and eat several insects as prey. They are venomous but not no danger to humans. However, medical advice is recommended when allergy occurs.

Huntsman spider control in Sydney

9. Common house spider

The common house spider is usually found inside premises. They are distributed worldwide and are the common pest in Australia. The size of the male spider is about 10mm long whereas male length about 15mm.

They are in yellow-brown colour, creamy abdomen with back stripes on body angle. These species have 8 legs with the elongated abdomen. These habitats prefer high humidity and have selected insects for diet. They are commonly found in light sources that attract prey. Only minor irritation may occur when bitten and are not serious to humans.

Common house spider control in Sydney

10. Garden orb-weaving spider

They are commonly found throughout Australia. There are over 100 species of these types. These spiders are 1cm- 2.5 cm long. They have oval shaped abdomen and are variant on colours such as brown and grey. The body size of male ranges from 6mm whereas female ranges from 10mm to 20mm depending on size. Commonly found in leaf debris, bushes and garden. They build up webs at night. The main diet of orb weaver includes moths, all flying insects and other bugs. Their lifespan is about 12 months. The common pain may occur when bitten by this species. Bites are not prone to humans however medical assistance recommended during minor illness. An expert required for pesticide spray and inspection.

Garden orb weaving spider control in Sydney

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