Silverfish Control in Sydney

Silverfish Control in Sydney

Silverfish are nocturnal and sometimes hard to identify. The size of silverfish is about 12-25 mm long. Due to their long abdomen size, they look like fish. They like to stay in cool, damp places but can adapt to most climate. They have long antennae and are wingless and mostly shelters at dark spots. The life span of these species is from two to eight years. They are not fast runner and their predators include spiders and centipedes. Silverfish can be spotted in kitchens, sink, sub-floor, attics, toilets and especially like to live in rocks, leaf and clutter.


Silverfish infestation can be solved by reducing moisture especially in attics and plumbing area. Furthermore, reducing moisture especially in the area of condensation is helpful. These species like to stay in high humidity, they cannot survive in a low humidity area. The high infestation may occur if the temperature is more than 50% inside building in the airtight compact area. The other prevention methods like sealing cracks and crevices, reducing clutter and food sources, vacuuming regularly, removing harbourages area and cleaning gutters regularly etc.

However chemical method to control silverfish is most effective way of treatment. Our professional technicians can help to eliminate silverfish infestation in your house