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Rodents Control in Sydney

Rodents are mammals and belong to the order Rodentia. They are nuisance pest that includes rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, guinea pigs, hampsters and so on.

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Mouse Control in Sydney


They carry numerous disease which can be transmitted to human and animals. They can contaminate food and water. Because of their notorious character, they can damage properties by chewing ziprock, wires, clothes etc. some of the popular rats in Australia are the brown rat, black rat and the house rat.

Brown Rat

They are the common rat found throughout Australia. They are in brown and grey in colour and have a body size up to 25cm long.  The average weight of the male is 350 gms and female weighs about 250 gms. This species inhabits in urban areas and tend to make nest usually in human houses.

Brown Rats Control in Sydney
Black Rat Control in Sydney

Black Rat

They are also known as roof or house rat with long tail. They are about 18cm long with body weight up to 230 gms. These species are usually light brown and black coloured. They are omnivorous and eat mostly anything from scrap food, agricultural product including seeds, leaves, birds, insects and other meat. They are also known to be serious destroy of human household utensils and food.

House Mouse

House mouse are generally in small size than rat. They are in different colours like brown, grey and black. The body and tail have less hair comparing body. They are notorious and mostly rely on human shelter. These species have the tendency to breed faster than other rats. The length is about 90mm in adult and weighs up to 25 grams. They can easily contaminate food sources as well as agricultural products such as cereals, wheat, crops etc.

House Mouse Control in Sydney


Mice are smallest rodent family member. They are found throughout Australia and mainly shelter in human houses, roof void, pipelines, debris outside. They prefer to live in warm areas. They can contaminate our food and damage utensils, crops, wire, plastic products etc. These species have the unique sense of smell to identify food and avoid predators. However, the eyesight is weak but have strong hearing sense. They consume almost everything from crops, scraps and veggies.

Mice Control in Sydney

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