How do I know I have termite activity?

  • Hearing noise hollow sound on timber
  • Damages to the timber
  • Subterranean tunnels
  • Sagging floors or doors
  • Cord and wire damages
  • Painting or plaster damage (crack)
  • All timbers such as landscape, floor, wall, post, fence, skirting board e.t.c been jammed or taken away the solid particle of timber which can cause damage by a fair touch.
“Inspection by an expert is highly essential.”

If you find a termite nest at your house avoid disturbing them and get an expert to eradicate the colony by professional treatment.

How can I prevent my property from termites?

  • By fixing any moisture problems for eg; leakage under the house, drainage, leakage through tunnel, pipes etc
  • Removing unwanted or stored timber such as timber frames, rot wood, timber debris
  • Get rid of woods which are in contact and are attached with house
  • Clean weep holes to circulate air flow
  • Regularly do termite inspection by professional and get advice to reduce the risk

There are also various types of termite management program which are as follow:

  1. Physical barrier
    Metal shied (ants cap) – It helps to detect easily termite mud shelter tubes however it is not the preventive method.Reticulation system: It is a system of termite treatment where the pump is used to lift chemical pressurizing the chemical system deliver it through a pipeline.Composite system: It is a system where chemically treated plastic or fabric sheets covered with chemical from one side is placed that degrade after some time.
  1. Chemical barrier
    It is the most effective method of termite treatment before pre-construction or post-construction house. However pr,e-construction method proven to be popular nowadays. It is the barrier within the perimeter of the house surrounded by all sides. It is done by digging, trenching and drilling concrete slab in already built house. Then after, injecting the chemical into the drill holes and in the trench.
  1. Monitoring and bait stations
    It is a method of termite treatment where termite bait is placed into the stations and to the floor and vicinity not reachable easily. These stations need to be check regularly, relocate if necessary. The surrounding of the bait stations needs to be quiet so that termite do not get disturbed. This process makes termite take their poison bait to the nest and destroy the colony eventually. This method sometime could be less effective as termite may not find bait.

Note: Each of our termite treatment, audit and report are based on the ‘Termite Management Program Australia’ as 3660. Vanish promises warranty on any of above termite management program.

How do I get termites?

Please refer to the first question above how do I know I have termite activity.

Are chemical used against termite safe for pets and children?

Yes, all chemicals are eco-friendly. Our technicians use the effective technique of pest control than chemical. We measure our chemical to keep it minimum as required to wipe out the problem.

What should I do if find termite?

Do not disturb termite as they move colony when notice insecurity. Call an expert for inspection and advice.