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Beetles are tiny insects and can damage our home if the infestation is high. They are usually found in carpet and textiles. They are attracted by the food sources near to them.  The carpet beetle is prone to damage goods and stuff in houses made up of leather products. Pollen and nectar are the main sources for carpet beetle to feed on. These species are capable to crawl on pipes and other areas of the house.  The female lay about 100 eggs approximately and hatches during the end of summer and autumn.

The larvae have an appearance of the caterpillar and mostly feed on dark places. Their diet consists of wool, furniture, textiles, bedding, fur, dry products such as meat, clothes, pet hair and so on.  The lifespan of larvae varies depending upon the food supply. The female carpet beetle lives up to only a few days after laying eggs.  Adult carpet beetle has the lifespan of about 60 days.

Beetles Control in Sydney

There are various types of beetles found in Australia such as Curculionidae (weevils), Scarabaeidae (chafers, scarabs, dung beetles), Chrysomelidae (leaf beetles), Carabidae (ground beetles), Staphylinidae(rove beetle), Tenebrionidae(darkling beetle).


It is essential to do regular inspection inside the house especially textiles, carpet, furniture and floor coverings. Vacuuming regularly, eliminating their food sources, cleaning regularly, sealing cracks and crevices near windows and walls.   Regular pest control is the most effective way to control these bugs since the professional uses the chemical method to eliminate the problem.

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