Ants Control in Sydney

There are about 1500 species of ants found worldwide. Ants are social species and commonly found almost everywhere from gardens and underground. They can be also seen in inside and outside premise such as in kitchen, drawers, cupboards due to their attraction on sweet and honey. Their colony is establish by workers and queen. They can be easily identified due to their distinctive body parts head, abdomen, thorax, and antennae. There are two different colours of ants black and brown commonly found Australia.

Ants Control in Sydney

Ants infestation can be easily noticed seeing ant-trial and their population in gardens and yard. They carry mud and sand to establish their nest. No major problem causes due to biting, however, itchiness and allergic reaction may occur due to several bites.

Note: black or brown ants are not considered to be same species of ‘white ant’. The other name of the termite is ‘white ant’ and are considered as serious insect damaging properties made up of timbers. They are not same species related to black or brown ants.

Damage by Ants in Sydney

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